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daily parties

The days and nights in Crete offer a beautiful opportunity for you to celebrate, move to Dj’s rhythms and dance while you have in your hand one of our flavorful cocktails. You could enjoy these delightful moments by getting along with your friends or getting lost in the the crowd and maybe have a new unexpected meeting.


How could you be certain that a marriage proposal could be romantic, unique and always indelible in both of yours’ memory? 

There is a way. You can make this proposal in a place with a breathtaking view, fireworks and live music! Either you have in your mind to do something discreet and romantic or something fancy and spectacular, we can help you bring it to reality! 

“Will you marry me?”, is the question that will be amazingly outstanding. 

bachelorrette parties

Organize the perfect Bachelorrette Party! 

 The big day has arrived! 

Bachelorrette Party is not a party like any other. It’s THE DAY! You could sit and wonder, when will you have the chance to have all your dearest friends around and have so much fun? This is why you don’t have to miss your Bachelorrette Party. 

So, if you want to have an amazing party by the sea that will create memories that will always stay in your mind and heart, the only thing you have to do is to let our experienced team to serve you! 


You can host your business meeting in a unique place by the sea, under the big blue sky, in an oasis of the eastern Crete. Surprise your guests by discussing all the topics you need, while you are inhaling fresh air and enjoying a magical view. These circumstances could help the creation of a zen atmosphere, which can be ideal for your purpose. 


The big day is here! It is certain that in your most important days, you want to have around you your dearest ones in an ambient environment, where you could enjoy the music you love, accompanied with your preferable tasteful dishes and refreshing drinks of ours.  

Our unique days need to be experienced in unique places. 

For what we can assure you is that we will be careful, devoted and totally present for you and your special guests.